DJ Condog, co-host of the Game Show Show and Supreme Lord of the Church of the Game Show Show began his career as little more than a Janitor. He was fired from his job as high-school caretaker in 1994 when it was discovered he was selling crack cocaine to the students. To avoid arrest, he fled the country, seeking asylum in Libya. After a brief period as a small-business owner, he was drafted into the Libyan military where he served three years before being promoted to colonel. DJ Condog spent the following decade as a trusted lieutenant of Muamar Gadaffi, who credited him with the successful destruction of several rebel cells attempting to usurp him. Also in this time Condog started a pirate radio station out of the garage of his mansion supplied by the Gadaffi Regime, the beginnings of what eventually became the Game Show Show. However, when the Gadaffi regime began to collapse in 2011, Condog attempted to return to the US, but found he could not re-enter the country due to his previous criminal charges and the war crimes he had committed as part of the Libyan military. Seemingly without any other option, he joined a boat of refugees heading to New Zealand, which was where he first met The Beast. In June of 2012, Condog entered the country, purchasing a house on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula and partnering with KICK FM to produce the Game Show Show.



The Beast - who prefers to remain nameless - is a co-host of the Game Show Show, and Grand Knight of the Church. He grew up in Zimbabwe, his father a professional lizard wrangler and his mother an unprofessional lizard breeder.